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2018 Inductees

Gunn, Rawlings, & Adams Recognized as Modern Champions

events/Untitled-1.jpgScott Burt, Ring 44 Veteran Boxers Association Person of the Year


To the training barns used by The Great John L. Sullivan to prepare for the last Bare Knuckle Boxing Championship of the World against Jake Kilrain! He trained here in Belfast, New York, for this epic 75-round brawl that took place in 1889 in Richburg, Mississippi. Originally owned by trainer William Muldoon, the barns were the training headquarters for Sullivan who arrived in Belfast not in the best of shape ~ as he states in his autobiography, just 6 months earlier he was extremely sick and couldn't walk without the aid of crutches.  This fight proved to be the most important match in his career.
Using training techniques that were ahead of his time, Muldoon helped Sullivan get into the best shape of his life. These barns have been virtually untouched for more than 120 years.  They opened in 2009 as The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame!  
Come visit and you can stand where The Great John L. Sullivan stood and see the "Room of Repose" where Sullivan rested and he and Muldoon planned. 
"I have stood where Ali stood. I have stood where Foreman has stood. I have fought in Madison Square Garden. The unique experience of standing where The Great John L. Sullivan stood - the man who started it all - is in a class by itself," said Baby Joe Mesi. "It is simply awesome. The whole world needs to see this place; it is a true boxing treasure."

Questions or comments? Contact Scott at (585) 610-3326 or email srburt@aol.com.