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List of Inductees By Year of Induction


Original Era Inductees:

Jack Broughton, Boxer

Bill Richmond, Boxer

Tom Cribb, Boxer

Tom Hyer, Boxer

Paddy Ryan, Boxer

George Godfrey, Boxer

Jake Kilrain, Boxer

John L. Sullivan, Boxer

William Muldoon, Trainer

Richard K. Fox, Promoter

Honorary Inductees:

Carmen Basilio, Boxer

Rob Ray, Buffalo Sabres Enforcer

Baby Joe Mesi, Boxer

Bill Heaney, Local Promoter

Special Guest:

Leon Spinks, Boxer



Original Era Inductees:

James Figg, Boxer

Tom Molineaux, Boxer

Tom Spring, Boxer

John Carmel Heenan, Boxer

Tom Sayers, Boxer

Jem Mace, Boxer

Jem Smith, Boxer

Jack Dempsey, Boxer

Jack McAuliffe, Boxer

Billy Madden, Manager

Harry H. Hill, Promoter

Honorary Inductee:

Billy Backus, Boxer



Original Era Inductees:

Jack Randall, Boxer

Dan Donnelly, Boxer

William “Bendigo” Thompson, Boxer

Honorary Inductees:

Livingstone Bramble, Boxer

Dick Wipperman, Boxer

Jimmy Ralston, Boxer

Breakfast in honor of:

Jack Green, Buffalo Ring 44 President



Original Era Inductees:

Charley Mitchell, Boxer

Jem Belcher, Boxer

Henry Pearce, Boxer

Honorary Inductees:

Ben Becker, Ali’s 1960 Olympic Coach/Trainer

Tony Graziano, Backus’s 1970’s Trainer

Juan De Leon, Team Mesi Trainer

Carlos De Leon, Team Mesi Trainer

Angel De Leon, Team Mesi Trainer

Chuck Pelitera, Team Mesi Trainer

Johnny Sudac, Jr., Buffalo Trainer/Owner Singer’s Gym

Michael Tome, Salamanca Knockout Factory

Breakfast in honor of:

Jeff Mengel; Jimmy Holmes’ Trainer who trained his fighter in the boxing barns in Belfast, New York)



Original Era Inductees:

Mike Cleary, Boxer

Bob Fitzsimmons, Boxer

Peter Jackson, Boxer

Honorary Inductees:

Carlos Ortiz, Boxer

Tommy Hicks, Boxer (1967-74; Lockport, New York)

George “Elbows” McFadden, Early 1900s Gloved Boxer (fought in our area; knocked out both Joe Gans and George “Kid” Lavigne)

Hite Peckham, Early 1900s Gloved Boxer from Bradford, Pennsylvania (fought Peter Mahr)

Breakfast in honor of:

Zeke Wilson, “The Eighth Round”; noted boxer, combatant of prejudice in the ring, author whose book is to be made into a movie in 2013, and  extensively worked w/100s of Western New York and Pennsylvania youths in powerlifting  



Original Inductees

Elizabeth Wilkinson-Stokes, Boxer

Hattie Stewart, Boxer

Anna Lewis, Boxer

Hattie Leslie, Boxer

Alice Leary, Boxer

Honorary Inductees

Nellie Bly, Reporter

Melvina Lathan, NYS Comissioner

Gloria Peek, Olympic Trainer

Leona Brown, Boxer

Christy Salters Martin, Boxer

Marie Backus Person of the Year: Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons 



Original Inductees

John Gully, Boxer

Professor Mike Donovan, Boxer

Bobby Gunn, Boxer

Honorary Inductees

Jack Green, Jr., Promoter of the Sport

Johnny Green, Boxer

Howard Cosell, Commentator

Bert Sugar, Historian

Don Dunphy, Commentator

Al Bernstein, Commentator

Cus D'Amato, Trainer

Charles Murray, Boxer

Purple Heart Homes 

 Marie Backus Person of the Year: Jack Emrick



Original Inductees

Arthur Chambers, Boxer

Larry Foley, Boxer

Danny Batchelder, Boxer

James Quinn McDonagh, Boxer/Author/'Knuckle' the movie

Kimbo Slice, Boxer 

The National Police Gazette, newspaper 

Honorary Inductees

James J. Corbett, Boxer

Ring Magazine

Boxing News Magazine

The USA Boxing News, newspaper

Marie Backus Person of the Year: Bob Collins



Original Inductees

Uriah "Hughie" Burton, Boxer

Ted Daley, Boxer

Billy Edwards, Boxer

Bartley Gorman V, Boxer

Daniel Mendoza, Boxer 

Honorary Inductees

Ed Atherton, Wrestler

Barry Broughton, Grandmaster

Chris Guzman, Artist

Roy "Stub" Harding, Boxer

Jimmy Holmes, Boxer

Tim Witherspoon, Boxer 

Marie Backus Person of the Year: Gino Arilotta