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Scott R. Burt, President

Belfast, New York

Date of Induction is Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tickets are presale only - not available at the door: $55 adults and $20 for kids

Ticket Includes:

  • 10 am Special USPS Cancellation at the Belfast Post Office
  • 11 am Meet and Greet at the Methodist Family Center on Merton Avenue followed by the brunch and awards ceremony at 11:30 am
  • 2 pm Tours of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame, 5 West Hughes Street, Belfast 


PAYPAL to srburt@aol.com





Mike Conley; Bare Knuckle Boxer.  1860-1920 Known as The Ithaca Giant.  1888 Northwest American Heavyweight Champion.  Career spanned 1886-1894; record was 26-4-2.  Fought the likes of Jack Ashton, Joe McAuliffe, Patsy Cardiff, Billy Woods, Jim Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons.  His image is used today many times over to represent the “Manly Man”.  From Ithaca, New York.

Tom Johnson; Bare Knuckle Boxer.  1750-1797 Restored honor to the sport after decades of corruption.  Champion of England from 1784 to 1791.  Demonstrated early mental tactical awareness in the ring that others previously lacked.

Nat Langham; Bare Knuckle Boxer.  1820-1871 An influential English pugilist who became the English Middleweight Champion.  He was the only conqueror of Tom Sayers.  After defeating Sayers in 1857 he retired to manage the first-ever professional Champion of the Boxing World, Jem Mace.

Joe Lannon; Bare Knuckle Boxer.  The Hammerer, who’s career spanned 1883-93.  Fought the likes of Jack Aston, George Godfrey, Jake Kilrain, and Jim Corbett.  Although known as one of the top heavyweights of his time, is best known for being John L. Sullivan’s exhibition and sparring partner; no one was in the ring with Sullivan more.



Rick Jeanneret; Announcer.  The longest reigning announcer in the NHL and member of the NHL Hall of Fame.  He is “The Voice of the Buffalo Sabres”. No man in history has called more ‘bare knuckle’ fights.

Tony Gee; World-Renown Author and Historian.  Resides in England.  Widely viewed as one of the top bare knuckle authorities in the World.  His writings are regarded as the most accurate recordings written.  Future generations will look upon his works when studying the past.

Dick Topinko; Local Gloved Boxer.  Retired Buffalo, New York, boxer who brought a positive spotlight to upstate New York during his career which started in 1964.  He was trained by Tony Pinto and Johnny Sudac; his manager was Sam Cardinale.  Won Golden Gloves in 1965. Drafted for Vietnam War; turned pro once back home in 1968. Went 14-0 as professional; picked by ‘The Ring’ in 1970 as one of the Top 5 Prospects in the World.  A shoulder injury later that year forced retirement.



TEAM USA JUJITSU who trained in the Sullivan barns this past summer before travelling to and participating in the 2017 World Championships in Australia last fall.

Bryana Baer; Team Member.

Mike Hanchett; Team Member.

Charlie Love; Team Member.

Desmond White; Team Member.

Barry Broughton; Coach



Bill Clancy; Boxing Official.  Regarded by many as the top active boxing referee in the World today.  Known for his honesty, integrity, personality, but most importantly for putting the safety of boxers first.  Has officiated in 15 states and 11 countries.  Has refereed 17 World titles, 62 International fights, and 41 different World Champions including Main Events on HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, ESPN, USA, and par-per-view.  Over 900 fights in over three decades.