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Police Gazette Boxing Corporation (PGBC) Rankings

September 1, 2018

Next ranking date: December 1, 2018

Must be active true bareknucklers (completely exposed knuckles with bareknuckle fights within last 3 months)

Still in its infancy, ranked contender spots #1 and #2 remain vacant as not yet earned.  Mr. Burt convened committee of 5 experts allowing input.


Scott R. Burt

Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame President

Police Gazette Boxing Corporation Sanctioning Body President

Police Gazette World Diamond Belt Caretaker

Police Gazette American Belt Caretaker

Police Gazette Trophy Caretaker


World Bare Knuckle Police Gazette Heavyweight Rankings

Reigning World Police Gazette Diamond Belt Champion:

Bobby Gunn


Rankings of Contenders:

  (1) Vacant

  (2) Vacant

  (3) Bedarin Toma

  (4) AJ Adams

  (5) Sam Shewmaker

  (6) Ricco Rodriquez

  (7) Maurice Jackson

  (8) Joey Beltran

  (9) Jim Jennett

(10) Tony Lopez