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Meet Stephen Carnegie: The Newest Member of the Bare Knuckle Hall of Fame Advisory Board

Stephen Carnegie is an artistic savant, known for his photographic memory and painting with both hands simultaneously. Carnegie was born with Asperger syndrome and Bipolar Disorder he is a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society’s elite fraternity of savants, he was close friends with Kim Peek the inspiration behind the Oscar winning film Rain man staring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. In 2009 Carnegie produced the 20th anniversary of the film. 
  • Stephen was an amateur boxer who painted fight posters for Top Rank and Ten Goose Boxing (Goossen Tutor Promotions) in the late 80’s and 90’s.
  • Stephen is currently working on a children's book project with his friend Academy Award winning Screen writer Barry Morrow(Rain Man).
  • Stephen Caregie is an avid supporter of people with disabilities. He served on the Executive Committee of Utah State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) as the Member at Large in 2009 and currently serves as Board of Directors on the Wheelchair Athletics Foundation.